CES2013: Tymphany and Qualcomm Atheros Collaborate to Deliver Music Everywhere with the Skifta Audio Module.

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Tymphany and Qualcomm Atheros Collaborate to Deliver Music Everywhere with the Skifta Audio Module.

Companies Combine Expertise in Audio Rendering, Wireless and Music Streaming To Develop Next Generation of Whole Home Audio Solutions for the Consumer Electronics Market

Tymphany™, the leading expert in transducer and audio system design and manufacturing, today announced plans to collaborate with Qualcomm Incorporated subsidiary Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. on the development of a broad range of wireless speakers and next generation audio playback devices. Tymphany chose the Qualcomm Atheros Skifta™ Audio Module to meet demand for an end-to-end wireless audio experience that accommodates the connected lifestyle of today’s music consumer. 

As an original design manufacturer (ODM) for industry-leading audio brands, Tymphany brings world class expertise in acoustic systems design and delivers high-quality audio solutions to the consumer electronics industry. The Skifta platform provides effortless and dependable media shifting to and from DLNA Certified® and UPnP® devices inside and outside of the home. The platform also comes with the Skifta Engine software for mobile devices, customizable controller applications for popular smartphone operating systems and integrated content Channels from leading audio and video content providers such as Soundcloud, Rdio, ShoutCast, Soma.fm, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook Photos, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, TED Talks and more. 

Designed for the connected home and mobile markets, the Skifta Audio Module is based on Qualcomm Atheros’ Wi-Fi® system-on-chip and provides a cost-optimized hardware, software and service solution for audio device manufactures looking to enable multi-room streaming of local and cloud-based audio to mobile devices and multiple speakers, audio/video receivers and other audio playback devices in the home. 

“Tymphany is committed to a strategy of integrating leading-edge digital technology with audio products to address the future of smart, wireless, connected, multi-room audio devices. The Wi-Fi and digital media streaming technology provided by the Skifta Audio Module is the key to developing easy-to-use wireless and networked streaming products and meeting customer expectations in this emerging market,” said Tom Jacoby, chairman and chief development officer for Tymphany. “We are delighted to be collaborating with Qualcomm Atheros to bring these technologies to industry-leading audio brands.” 

The collaboration between Tymphany and Qualcomm Atheros is expected to bring together the elements needed to provide a wireless whole home audio solution that is easy to design and manufacture, and reduces time to market and costs. “The Skifta Audio Module, combined with Tymphany’s world class expertise in acoustic systems design, will facilitate a broad range of products that will expand the market for wireless whole home audio products,” said Todd Anderson, director, business development, Tymphany. “This collaboration is an excellent opportunity to combine wireless networking expertise and advanced acoustic design.” 

“Tymphany is an ideal audio rendering ODM for us to collaborate with to bring Skifta to the audio market. Tymphany has best-in-class original designs, existing relationships with top-tier brands, and the ability to work with non-traditional players, which may not possess the internal structure to develop these types of products,” said Gary Brotman, director, product marketing, networking business unit, Qualcomm Atheros. “This collaboration allows us to deploy Skifta in speakers, docks, soundbars and other audio products in a timely, cost effective manner, while achieving industry leading wireless audio performance.” 

To see a demonstration of the Skifta Audio Module, visit the Qualcomm booth 30313 at CES Las Vegas January 5-8, 2013. 

About Tymphany
Founded in the U.S. in 2002, Tymphany™ Corporation is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of premium quality, digital electronics systems for the loudspeaker industry. Tymphany is an indispensable ODM partner to many of the world’s leading consumer electronics, automotive and professional audio brands, combining advanced digital circuit design and premium analog speaker components to achieve the highest level of audio performance. The company delivers a wide range of turnkey solutions within its transducers and integrated sound systems portfolio, including Peerless, a world-renowned brand of transducers since 1926. Tymphany is a privately held corporation. More information about the company is available at www.tymphany.com

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