Apple officially arrival of the iPhone 5 in Ecuador is Dec. 14.

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Apple officially arrival of the  iPhone 5  in Ecuador is  Dec. 14.

Movistar will present it  tomorrow in Quito, at the agency located at Avenida America and United Nations. 

CNT still can not pinpoint the date that the new Apple phone is in stock in their retail outlets.

Claro expects next week to formalize the date of submission. 

The iPhone 5 has a thickness of 7.6 mm, 18% thinner than its predecessor. It weighs 112 grams and has a screen 44% saturation, 4 inches and resolution of 1136 × 640.

The novelty of the phone is that it supports 4G LTE connectivity, with which one could sail 10 times faster than now. However, in yet Ecuador frequency formalizes this technology. For now, this feature can not be exploited in the phone. People who buy the new iphone 5 will use third-generation connectivity, yet.

The difference of the new phone and its predecessor is the Apple A6 processor, twice as fast and twice better graphics than the iPhone 4S. It also has new front camera with ability to take panoramic photos and videos of 1080, which allows better stabilization, image detection. This feature was used by Instagram, an application version 3.2 optimizes the camera for iPhone 5 screen and brings a new black and white filter called Willow.

The iPhone 5 is available in 47 countries around the world, in Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay and Venezuela.

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