The Russians are coming with a Dual-Screen smartphone.Video.

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The Russians are coming with a Dual-Screen smartphone. Video.

Yota smartphone

Yota Devices hopes its dual-screen smartphone, combining a traditional LCD screen and an electronic-paper display, will break the mold of mobile technology.

Although it seems that the market is already divided, sales forecasts of smartphones leave no one indifferent and the Russian company Yota device reaches the market ready to put a dent in the next generation smartphone.

And to do nothing better than to propose a truly innovative product that breaks with established patterns, such as a dual-screen terminal, LCD one hand and the other electronic ink.

Vladislav Matynov, CEO of the company believes that the majority of terminals on the market are "boring" and that its proposal is intended for those who "want to be out of the box," he told The Wall Street Journal.

Clear that innovation does not come alone, but through the work of 35 engineers and an investment of $ 25 million for the concept has become a reality, something that can be seen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next February .

The market will not come until the third quarter of next year, first in Russia and then extend to other international markets "in cooperation with global operators."

The terminal, which for the moment has no name, is based on Android and its price is around $ 400 to $500, in line with other models in the market. The competition will be tough, no doubt, but is confident because Matynov large manufacturers "have not innovated in the last five or six years."

The Device Yota responsible explains that the great advantage of the design is that it allows users to view constantly all kinds of data in real time without having to be putting your terminal sleep mode, which ensures long battery life. The secret? The electronic ink display that we have mentioned before, it is none other than the one used in e-books like the Kindle or Sony eReader.

Yota says both the colour LCD and black-and-white e-paper displays would be 4.3in (10.9cm) in size, and placed on opposite sides of the device's body.

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