RIM plans to lower the price of BlackBerry 7 devices.

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RIM plans to lower the price of BlackBerry 7  devices.

It happens when any mobile maker launches a new model every time and RIM is not the exception. In January 30th, 2013 when the new Blackberry 10 smartphones will be unveiled all the before models prices will get lower. According to Digitimes RIM plans to lower the price of BlackBerry 7  devices  to expand market share.

About Blackberry 10:

Smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM) plans to introduce BlackBerry 10 to expand market share. According to Thorsten Heins, president and CEO of RIM, there have been some 150 telecom carriers testing BlackBerry 10. In addition, there are more than 120 enterprises testing the new BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, said Heins. The supply chain is also optimistic about orders for the new product and Taiwan-based suppliers such as Wistron, Silitech, and Ichia are likely to benefit.

Handset supply chain sources stated that RIM has been making changes according to trends in the smartphone market by establishing the new BlackBerry 10 platform to accommodate touch features. In addition, RIM has been adjusting service fees and no longer bundles products with plans, hence it is likely to attract more non-enterprise users.

Despite the fact that RIM has postponed the launch date for BlackBerry 10 twice and has been seeing net losses for three consecutive quarters, revenues and shipments in 2012 have been relatively stable, compared to firms such as Nokia. RIM continues to report cash inflow and a stable financial status.

Handset makers noted that RIM has a strong customer base in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to make up for the falling market share in Europe and the US.
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