RIM new look website teasing the 4G BB10 smartphone.

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RIM new look website teasing the 4G BB10 smartphone. 

This picture was highlighted by a CrackBerry.com Forum member

RIM is teasing how the upcoming BB10 maybe L Series smartphone would look like this next January 30, when  RIM officialy launches its new line of  slabs and qwerty Blackberry 10 devices.

On Crackberry.com forums a forum member arranged the smartphone original picture teased on RIM website to take a closer look of  it. It has a rear camera with led flash and the back material of the phone has some very small holes to keep your hand more attached to the phone and avoid dropping it more frecuently.

The Global Blackberry site also highlights the Blackberry Hub . A screen shot below shows your notifications with your prefered apps on the same shot and that it is a 4G phone with Bluetooth,   and alarm clock.

Source: RIM Via Crackberry
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