Nokia Windows RT 10.1 inch Tablet with HDMI, USB ports and battery on keyboard cover, coming.

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Nokia  Windows RT   10.1  inch Tablet  with HDMI,  USB  ports  and  battery on  keyboard  cover, coming.

In March 28,2102 we reported Nokia was working on a Windows tablet rumored at that time as Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab , that probably was just a concept, as you can see on the video below:

Nokia now is said to plan packing the Windows RT   10.1  inch Tablet   device with a cover similar to the one Microsoft used for Surface, and to include HDMI and USB ports on it. 

The cover will include not only a keyboard, two USB ports and a kickstand for the tablet, but also a battery that will further extend the usage time of the device. 

Also featuring cellular connectivity inside, the device is expected to make an official debut at AT&T in the United States.

Nokia’s Windows RT tablet PC is expected to boast a 10-hour capacity. Apparently, the handset vendor is planning to manufacture only a small number of this device, but is also looking at the launch of a Windows 8-based slate at a later date.

Recent reports have suggested that Nokia may unveil its tablet at Mobile World Congress in February.

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