Leaked Blackberry 10 accesories list.

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The Hungarian site berryblog is posting a list of  Blackberry BB10's accessories which also are going to be a lot of cool , and which have already started to produce RIM's partners. 

The list is as usual, batteries, docking station, and wine, but there are also a number of product categories, for the time being we do not really know where to (Flip Shell, Hard Shell Transform).

The different frames regarding the choice of colors for the time being in the black, white, gray and red colors is limited, and in addition will cause skin microfiber fabric carrying case is also a choice.
Although it is not clear from the list, in all likelihood, the L-series accessories have been added to the table, at least in this series has designated the L-S1 battery code.
No specific info on release dates and pricing has been provided as of now.
Source: Softpedia

Post Title : Leaked Blackberry 10 accesories list.

Leaked Blackberry 10 accesories list.,

Leaked Blackberry 10 accesories list.

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