CES2013: zoomStand to unveil first modular/portable laptop and tablet stand.

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zoomStand is the first modular and portable laptop and tablet stand that doesn't sacrifice ergonomics or comfort in the name of simplicity. Any device, anywhere, zoomStand will keep you posture perfect.
CES2013: zoomStand to unveil first modular/portable laptop and tablet stand.
zoom Stand will show up the prototype of its modular and portable laptop stand and tablet holder which keep you posture perfect.
zoomStand have been tested in Various laptops, notebooks and netbooks (10-17″).
The stand and the holder can be expanded and configured to work with literally any mobile device. Best of all, it easily collapses and is portable.
Some Q&A are answered on their FAQ here below:

Who created zoomStand?

zoomStand was a collaborative effort by two friends who needed more out of their various laptop stands, desk risers, tablet holders and props. From being restricted by injuries and forced into uncomfortable computing positions in bed, to traveling and needing a reliable and portable laptop desk, the zoomStand was created. Click to read more in the About section.
What laptops or tablets will zoomStand work with?

zoomStand has been tested in virtual models and in real world applications with a wide variety of mobile devices including:
  • Various laptops, notebooks and netbooks (10-17″)
  • Acer Iconia
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Apple MacBook Pro & Air
  • Apple iPads: full & mini
  • Asus Transformer & Eee
  • Google Nexus
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Sony Tablet S
The zoomStand is the first ever modular laptop stand and tablet holder and can be expanded and configured to work with literally any mobile device. Best of all, it easily collapses and is portable!

When and where can I get a zoomStand?

zoomStand is currently in the prototyping stage and is not yet available to the public. Sign up to be an Early Adopter to receive updates and be the first to own a zoomStand on its (TBD) release date.

Where can I use zoomStand?

zoomStand can be used anywhere with any device. It is designed to work independent of a desk, but can used in conjunction with one too! zoomStand’s modular design with independent telescoping legs (similar to a camera tripod) allows it to be used while sitting at your desk, on our couch or as a portable standing desk. It quickly and neatly collapses so it can be used on the go – in the airport, in your hotel room, or can even be used as a projector stand at your next meeting.
Future zoomStand accessories include a detachable ”lap pad” if you want to place the zoomStand on your lap and a treadmill adapter to turn your treadmill into a walking desk.

Why do I need a zoomStand?

A search on Amazon will shows over 25,000 tablet and laptop holders – all designed with a different function and mobile device in mind. Why not have one that can do the job of all 25,000? Ok, so maybe zoomStand can’t replace the duties of every product on the market, but we think we’ve come fairly close.
Tablet usage is predicted to grow by 177% within the next two years*1, completely overtaking traditional desktop computer and laptop usage, which means we will increasingly be working on the go and away from any suitable working space. The majority of adults in the USA use more than one mobile device during the course of their day, creating a need for a versatile accessory that can hold, prop or display their mobile device, no matter what device it is or where they are.
Most importantly, sitting for prolonged periods is flat our dangerous for your health*2.
  • Sitting for 6+ hours per day creates a 40% greater chance of dying within the next 15 years than if you sit for less than 3, exercise or no exercise.
  • You chance of dying from a heart attack increases 54% if you sit for the majority of the day.
  • Office job employees (people who primarily sit) have 2x the rate of cardiovascular diseaseas people who work on their feet.
  • After only 2 hours of sitting, good cholesterol in your body drops 20%.
  • For the internet & gaming addicts – after 24 hours insulin effectiveness drops 24% andrisk of diabetes rises considerably.
zoomStand allows you to work standing up or in alternative sitting positions, releasing pressure on your posterior and we are currently developing adapters to be used with treadmills – turning your zoomStand into a walking desk for about 10% of the price.

How much will zoomStand cost?

We have not yet decided on final pricing. We can tell you though it’ll be the biggest bang for your buck as far as laptop stands and tablet holders go. Please become an Early Adopter by signing up on our e-mail list to receive the latest updates.

CES Product Unveiling:

 zoomStand will be unveiling our first manufactured prototype at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 8th-11th, 2013 in Las Vegas at Eureka Park in the Venetian Lido Ballroom, Booth #74004. Visitors to our booth will be able to interact with zoomStand and provide feedback on how they would use zoomStand in their everyday lives.
Our booth is located directly next to UniKey Technologies – as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank!
Click here for an interactive CES map of our booth location and make sure to add us to your CES calender!

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