CES2013: Samsung Teaser The World Awaits Something New.Video.

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CES2013: Samsung Teaser The World Awaits Something New.Video.

There is no doubt the official CES 2103 event will take place in Las Vegas in January 8-11, 2103 and Samsung is teasing on the video SOMETHING NEW  to come with at the event.

The more expected technology to come out from Samsung is a smartphone with flexible display.

Samsung is probably going to be the first manufacturer to release a phone with a flexible display in 2013, something it has been rumored to do by several sources over the past year. In 2011, a concept phone with the name Samsung Galaxy Skin appeared, which used a flexible display bent around a 1-inch cylinder for storage, giving us a basic idea of what a flexible screen phone could look like. An analyst for UBS has since speculated the next two generations of Galaxy S models, “will have unbreakable and even possibly flexible and foldable displays by 2014.” Samsung’s close association with Universal Display will certainly pay off, should this be the case.

Other rumors aren’t so positive and have indicated Samsung has had problems manufacturing the screens, causing the launch to be delayed until later in 2013. There’s a chance we’ll know more during CES 2013, where Samsung has teased that something innovative and exciting will arrive.

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