BlackBerry 10 L Series all-touch smartphone leaks on hands on video.

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BlackBerry 10 L Series all-touch smartphone  leaks on hands on video.

A comparison with the somewhat bulkier Dev Alpha B device and  the iPhone 5, a quick run through of the BB10 OS itself and a look at the removable back and  a replaceable battery.

Translated  from Vietnanis to English: 

Fortunately for the evening I had the opportunity to holding the handset has not been the launch of the BlackBerry , the L-Series. Machine design is quite nice due to no longer be placed in a plastic frame as the Dev Alpha A / B again. 

In addition, the L-Series was almost complete, both hardware and software. Perfect good quality and full functionality of the BB10 OS we've ever known, not locked or limited to a certain function, including making phone calls or texting.configuration information almost no official due to the present time RIM has not yet been referred to us. 

What we can see on the L-Series is lightweight, smaller size Dev Alpha B a little, just hand.

Screen quality is quite good, very smooth and nice font, 1280x768 resolution with Dev Alpha B.

The front of the glass cover almost the entire front and stretched out to take two edges of the screen makes us feel bigger. terms of ports and port location, it is just like the the current Dev Alpha, including micro HDMI and micro USB on the left side, a 3.5mm audio port on the top edge, the power button on the top edge and 2 volume control keys on the right side. 

The keyboard is a bit difficult to press as it is slightly sunk compared to the side of the machine. Regarding the quality of finishing, I can say the L-Series held its already almost perfect, not longer a pure form , could this be the final test version of RIM before they introduce BlackBerry 10 to 30/01 next year.

Although made ​​of plastic, very solid body, no creaking joints and connectors on the camera body is made ​​very carefully. The back cover of the machine can be removed so you can change it easily (batteries LS1, like Dev Alpha B). The back cover of the machine is made ​​of plastic, similar to the body, it is quite flexible and the NFC chip affixed. 

Adding a point to make the L-Series is more complete than the Dev Alpha is that it can normal calling and texting. This is a big difference compared to the previous Dev Alpha we have ever known.

 I have tried to remove the SIM Viettel and called a SIM Mobi success, no trouble at all, the machine can also send and receive SMS messages, connect to BIS service, up Internet 3G delicious, in general it is not like a complete smartphone.

 Even the software in the machine fully functional, not limited as before although the
BB version 10 that the L-Series is running is still a beta version. However, the beta should react slightly slower and not touch sensitive, sometimes hanging a place to restart the machine, the new normal is, hope that this error will not appear in the version of BB 10 officially.

Source: tinhte
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