From Fiction to Fact. Facial Recognition/Personalized Ad Delivery. Video.

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From Fiction to Fact.  Facial Recognition/Personalized Ad Delivery. Video.

Science fiction is a genre like no other. It takes our reality as it is and imagines what possibilities the future might hold — time travel, parallel universes, teleportation, ray guns — they’re all part science, part imagination, and all fiction. Or are they?

Could these imaginings of the future actually be driving science forward? Absolutely. Science fiction writers have long inspired “real” science to catch up and create functioning, real-world versions of the technology found in their books, TV shows, and movies. For some writers, their visions of the future have literally become the technologies we all know and love today .

Here’s part 1 in the top 10 list of technologies that have made the leap from science fiction to science fact :

1.- Facial Recognition/Personalized Ad Delivery

facial recognition
The Fiction: Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report is on the run and trying to blend into the crowd at a local mall.  As he approaches a store, he is scanned and identified.  Suddenly, the holographic salesperson calls him by name and has an exclusive offer just for him based on his likes and dislikes from past shopping experiences.

The Fact: It’s here. New York’s immersive labs recently introduced CARA, a powerful computer platform   that can read a person’s face, determine that customer’s gender, age, etc., and instantly analyze that information to deliver targeted offers–all in real-time.

You can watch on the video below how CARA works:

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